The First LGBTQ Bridal Magazine Has Been Launched

An Australian couple have co-founded the first bridal magazine for women in love – Dancing With Her.

The magazine provides legislative and decorative as well as inspiration for aspiring brides.

Co-founders Tara Baker, 29, and Arlia Hassel, 30, started the magazine after getting engaged last year and failing to find inspiration in traditional publications that they consider very hetero-centric.

“I guess what most people would call ‘traditional’, I would call ‘heteronormative’,” Tara told HuffPost UK

″There was a bride and a groom, women met men at the altar, men wore a suit, women wore a dress… We don’t identify as fitting into that idea, the world is full of people that identify as shades of grey rather than black or white.”

The Dancing With Her website starts by introducing the reason the magazine came about: ‘for most part, we are a couple who knew that a wedding resource we could be inspired by didn’t exist.’

The referendum results to legalise gay marriage will be released on November 15, which Tara and Arlia hope will make tying the knot easier for both their clients and themselves next year. Couples they have worked with until now have flown abroad for the ceremony although their married status isn’t recognised when they return to Australia.

“We have our fingers (and toes) crossed that it will come in a resounding yes. In my heart, I feel that will be the way it goes… I have hope that the Australian population will vote in favour of equal love and human rights.”

Tara describes the lead up to the referendum as an “emotional rollercoaster”, but that they have never felt closer to the LGBTQ community.

The magazine began as an Instagram account and a blog in 2016 but has since grown into a downloadable digital magazine in February 2017 with volume 2 already in production.

Fingers crossed for the ‘yes campaigners’ in Australia and across the world!