Jimmy Kimmel’s Incredible Pancakes

Jimmy Kimmel may have once lost 25 pounds doing intermittent fasting, but he still knows how to make some serious junk food!

The late-night talk show host not only has a sweet tooth, but he is also a bit of an artist in the kitchen, as evidenced by the awesome looking pancakes he makes for his daughter, Jane. The 3-year-old girl, might just be the luckiest little girl in the universe because her daddy pulls out all the stops when he makes her pancakes.

Check out some of Kimmel’s most impressive pancake creations for his daughter below.

There’s this Oscar the Grouch pancake, which Kimmel made for Jane on the morning of the 2018 Oscars, which he was hosting:

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And how about these “doughnut” pancakes he made for her the morning after the Oscars?

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Wow! You’d think he’d be sleeping in after a big night like that, but apparently duty calls even when you’re a celebrity.

In February, Kimmel made Jane these adorable and heartwarming Cupid pancakes for Valentine’s Day:

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How He Does It
So what is the secret behind Kimmel’s edible artwork?

He told People magazine that it all comes down to organic food coloring, which he squirts into the pan to help him create whatever designs Jane asks for. He also said using a non-stick griddle pan is key for making his elaborate, layered designs.

Kimmel told People that he loves to cook and that he makes dinner for his family every night, saying “Cooking, I feel like I’m making something that’s real. I just think there’s a primal pleasure to feeding your family, and I love to eat, so that’s part of it.”