It’s Time To Stop Pretending To Wear A Jacket

“It’s a bit nippy out there, take a jacket with you!”

One of the latest winter trends we see before our eyes is to wear a big winter coat, but then have it falling off you at the same time. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing their coats this way recently – and it has to stop.

Although this is a very put-together trend, it seems to be the complete opposite and looks like a totally half-arsed outfit. It’s reminiscent of being a child and your parents told you to wear a jacket as it was cold outside, and so you would wear it begrudgingly and have it falling off your shoulders…

Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian rarely get it wrong, but this is a total faux pas. With the risk of sounding like someone completely removed from “fashion” but either you wear it properly or you don’t take a jacket. If it is cold enough to take a skiing puffa out with you Kim, you should probably actually wear it.

A coat should be worn, not draped over your shoulders or your half worn over your forearms. Do these A-list celebs get dressed and think they can reinvent the function of a coat? Be warned, if you want to copy this look (for reasons unknown) you will have to have help at hand to do anything your new coat trend doesn’t allow – say, open doors, answer your phone or carry bags.

Of all the high fashion trends out there, we certainly won’t be copying this one. Now let’s talk about those Yeezy boots, maybe we can copy those…