How To Combat Cravings

If your body is craving something, chances are there’s something it needs that it’s not getting.

Sports Nutrition Consultant, Michelle Adams-Arent, suggests that if you’re experiencing food cravings you probably aren’t eating enough – but you probably knew that, bear with us. It’s likely that you’re actually depriving your body.

“When it comes to cravings, it’s your body telling you something. Nine times out of ten, it’s telling you you’re not eating enough,” Michelle explains.

We experience cravings when we haven’t eaten for a long period of time, when we aren’t eating enough protein..

Michelle says during a period of careful restrictions on her diet, she was no stranger to food cravings.

When your body is consuming enough food, you’re far less likely to crave more. A tactic for overcoming cravings is to not only do this in three meals per day, but extend it across six.

If you still have cravings, you should fill them, giving your body what it wants and reducing the risk of overeating later on. If you place too many restrictions on your diet you increase the likelihood of binge-eating and undoing the hard work you put into the initial restrictions.