Have We Set The Standards Of Beauty Too High?

The daily obsession with enhancing our looks gets tougher by the day as new trends and products are constantly discovered. But in this time have we lost sight of what is real?

Our perception of effortless and natural have been morphed over recent years as these terms are often used to discuss someone’s look whilst wearing a full face of makeup. A woman walks the red carpet at an event and her dewy skin and glowing complexion is referred to as ‘natural’. Despite this, it probably took about 3 MUAs over 2 hours to do the full look. This is not natural nor effortless in my book.

Tools like Photoshop and the endless choice of Instagram filters at our fingertips have completely changed the way we look at ourselves and how we define beauty. If we take a photo of ourselves we then have to flick through every filter before choosing the one which makes us look most slim, and then change the brightness to accentuate the bright colours in the background. What is wrong with the original version of the picture? By adding filters and so on, we don’t change the contents of the picture – we just edit the colours. We have become so absorbed in this social media frenzy of only showing perfection, but why? Fake and edited doesn’t equate perfect.

If people see a full face of makeup as standard (as so many people do), then their opinion on beauty will be going backwards. When you wake up from a good sleep and look in the mirror you should be happy about what you see – you shouldn’t think less of yourself until you apply makeup. We were not born with makeup and it isn’t a necessity, so let’s stop calling it natural.

In order to meet the high standards of “beauty” now, woman are required to stay slim, have perfectly white teeth, contoured cheeks, long eyelashes that don’t clump, and of course the perfect highlight. All of this just to have that perfect “effortless” look? Tell me what is effortless about spending over 30 minutes doing makeup because I certainly don’t know.

Women are put under such ridiculous pressure to look stylish, put-together and flawless. We are supposed to look “naturally beautiful” by covering up our actual natural beauty. The standards of beauty have never been higher, but the effort involved is being referred to as the complete opposite.

We see reality stars with their makeup done professionally just for going to get coffee, and we are given the impression it is quite a “simple, effortless look”. But don’t be fooled… There is no reality involved in their beauty regime.

Beauty is not categorical or unachievable. It is about time we learned to accept that beauty doesn’t have to come with layers of foundation and blusher. Our natural beauty is us as we should be – without any makeup. Natural and effortless beauty doesn’t mean just wearing minimal makeup. Wearing makeup needs to be the excess on the beauty scale rather than the standard.