Fertility Expert Blames Masculine Careers For Fertility Problems

Fertility is constantly coming under fire by professionals claiming to know best, with new studies changing the advice on the daily. The latest advice comes from apparent fertility expert who claims that masculine jobs can reduce fertility.

This latest report comes from Fiona Kacs-Boulton, a fertility expert, who spoke at the annual Fertility Show recently. Kacs-Boulton believes that many women who struggle to conceive should look at changing their workload or type of work in order to improve their fertility. Yes that’s right, no more steady and progressive careers unless you would rather stay “the cool auntie”.

According to the “natural fertility expert”, women work just as hard as men and so they are acting masculine yet expecting their bodies to perform in a feminine way.

Women are frequently told what they should and shouldn’t do in order to get pregnant and to maintain a healthy pregnancy. But surely telling women that career aspirations and progression up the responsibility ladder will have to be chosen instead of pregnancy, because apparently you can’t have both.

While it is understandable that increased stress levels may have an impact on some women’s fertility levels, it is not right to lay this as a blanket cause for all women struggling to conceive. Fertility issues should be discussed with medical professionals to uncover a real cause rather than having someone with no medical expertise lay the blame on something as vague as workload. Really Kacs-Boulton, how much is too much work? And what constitutes a “male profession”? As the owner of a fertility clinic herself, K-B doesn’t seem to follow her own advice on taking smaller business roles.

Let’s not even get started on the idea that an important business role is categorised as a “masculine role” to this supposed expert. We are in the 21st century where women can own businesses, run corporate companies and do a mighty fine job at it at that.

“Advice” such as this should be taken with a bucket full of salt because it is not personal to your own situation and it a#may cover up other much larger factors. News like this can only manipulate women’s desires and diminish their career progression by making them choose between ambition or maternal desire. You don’t have to choose between one or the other, don’t let people make you think you can’t have it all.