Are More Women Ditching The Pill Than Ever Before?

Millions of women across the world take the combined pill as birth control, but the number of women who take the pill is decreasing as more women choose to control their body naturally.

Since it was first introduced in America in 1960, the combined pill has gained mass popularity, with most women having been on it at some point in their life. However, recent research has shown that between 2005-2015, use of the pill dropped more than 13%.

With the pill regularly being linked to an increased risk of certain cancers and mental illnesses such as depression, lots of women are choosing to ditch the pill to reap the benefits of not depending upon the little daily hormone-changer.

Taking the contraceptive pill has everyday side effects, such as weight gain, mood swings and frequent bloating. Many women may not think they have any side effects – but was that time you randomly started crying into your Shreddies just natural? Or did you get outrageously angry over burning your garlic bread the other night out of coincidence? Maybe you aren’t a naturally angry or highly-strung person, it could be the effects of being on the pill.

We are an era of accessible research evidence, shared stories and multiple options. So it is not surprising that many women decide to come off the pill since they only have to spend a couple of minutes googling the effects of the pill to see the negatives. When an external source is controlling your body’s hormones then you would expect there to be side effects. However, for many women, the side effects of taking the birth control are outweighed by not taking it.

Nowadays, GPs are too quick to diagnose a patient anti-depressants if they show any symptoms connected. But why don’t they first suggest that the patient come off the pill since that could be the contributor.

The pill isn’t the only option anymore, and many women are sensing that. Lots of the women who have stopped taking it have found that they are happier, they have more control over their body and they generally feel more themselves.