2018 Is The Year For The Snip…The Hair Snip, That Is

We all love our long, luscious locks – you can do far more with long hair making it feel more effortless. But as we ring in the new year it could be time to give your hair stylist a ring to brave the chop – DUN DUN DUNNNN.

Short hair is finally making a comeback! We no longer have to hate our hair length because it grows for approximately 2 weeks in summer and then just stops growing entirely. Constantly wishing for longer, fuller hair is a thing of the past – that’s so totally 2017. New year, new you, new do after all.

Many celebrities have already taken the plunge into the hairdresser’s chair and the results are gorgeous. From Khloe’s long-standing short wavy do, to Bella Hadid’s long bob (lob, if you will), we have total hair envy.

Bella takes the old school Hollywood glamour to another level with her sleek hairstyle.

It’s always good to have a fresh change of look, and how better than your hair? A chop doesn’t have to be super short – you could opt for the long bob at almost shoulder length, and if you don’t like it then it will be back to full length in no time. Or a shorter hairstyle can really boost your look – not to mention it takes far less time to manage.

Maybe you want to take it back to the Riri era with the pixie cut meets bob look? Brave the chop, and don’t fear the ear…

Kourtney K recently chopped her staple long straight hair, and doesn’t the change of style look amazing?

don’t worry, i ordered a new phone case last night

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Don’t panic about having a hair chop – the bob is back IN! Gone are the days of a bob being that haircut you had to have in Year 7 at school because it was more manageable and you were told it looked good (no bitterness at all). The bob is the 2018 look and we are ready for it.