10 Things You’ll Understand If You Don’t Watch Game of Thrones

It seems to be everyone’s favourite series, and it doesn’t show much sign of disappearing any time soon. But you’ve not fallen down the rabbit hole, haven’t given in to peer pressure…*suspense music builds* you don’t care about Game of Thrones DUN DUN DUNNNN.

1. Telling someone you don’t watch it and watching their face drop as if you’ve just threatened their mother’s life.


2. Everyone tells you that you should definitely ‘give it a go, you’d love it’…



3. You tell people you’ve already tried it and didn’t like it, but that’s like you just told them that you don’t like breathing air.


4. Who tf even is John Snow? Isn’t he my old history teacher?


5. Texting your friends on a Monday night but none of them want to do anything so you just have to watch tumbleweed until 10.01 when Twitter lights up again.


6. When people quote ‘Winter is coming’ and your response is ‘yeah it’s getting chillier isn’t it’.


7. Hearing all the names of the characters and not understanding wtf is going on or how people can remember so many names, let alone the plot.


8. When someone else is watching it and you cover your eyes for the nudity because you’re too innocent for that but WOAH why is he banging his sister?! 


9. When everyone else is freaking out over the latest character death, meanwhile you’re still coming to terms with the Friends finale.


10. FINALLY the series has ended and you don’t have to hear all about it at at 7.01am, 7.03, 7.05, 7.07, 7.09… – well they need the alternate minute to remind you that they’re vegan.